Thursday, 24 March 2011

HEHEHEH.... POST it one more times (c0uple)

huhuhu... Perlu ker berfikiran sampai sebegini???

hehehe... Ader ke yang macam nie?? Kalau lah ada kan....Apa perasaan korang??

huhuhu..... So sad Huh.... LOL!!

that y in Quran said that we must LOVE ALLAH more than others. Therefor we will naver being SAD coz ALLAH will always LOVE with you!!

Which one you prefer?? A..B..C..??

I'm know that how you feel, but i will keep talking (aka Writing) either ur listen (read) or NOT baby!!!
hahahahaha... Coz this is who im...

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  1. like that, simple cartoon and touched my heard..ermm manusia xpernh puas ape yg ada..good entry mamat keep it up.